Cat Q&A: What Makes TEMPTATIONS™ Treats So Irresistible?

Hey, humans! You know, a lot of my feline friends complain that their biped pals don’t comprehend the full greatness of TEMPTATIONS™ treats. We fear you aren’t using your fancy opposable thumbs to give us enough. This is cat-astrophic news!

I know you don’t have our super-capable hearing, but you need to listen to me on this: We love TEMPTATIONS™ treats. Love ’em. But don’t worry, we won’t hold this treat shortage against you —  you’re limited enough already, being human and all. So, to help both you and us get more TEMPTATIONS™ treats in our lives, I’m answering questions from people who need a helping paw from a true treat expert.

Why does my cat get excited when I shake a bag of TEMPTATIONS™ treats?

Why do we like napping in a spot of sunshine? Why are cardboard boxes so darn fascinating? Why do we sit on your laptop when you’re trying to work? All of these things make cats happy! When we hear that sound, we know TEMPTATIONS™ treats are seconds away. (Don’t tell any felines I told you this, but “the shake” is so irresistible to us that it can even be used to train cats. Please use this knowledge responsibly, humans.)

With so many flavors of TEMPTATIONS™ treats, how will I know my cat’s favorite?

Wow, with such a big brain, you should be able to figure this one out: Let your cat try them all! You’ve got savory flavors like beef, chicken and turkey, not to mention mouthwatering seafood flavors like tuna, shrimp, lobster and more. How about dairy? A timeless flavor! Oooh, and don’t forget catnip.

There’s a good chance your cat will have lots of favorites, so check out all the TEMPTATIONS™ ShakeUps and TEMPTATIONS™ MixUps treats with multiple flavors in one bag. Better yet, just clear a shelf in the pantry and stock one of everything. Yeah, just do that.

Why do TEMPTATIONS™ treats have a crunchy outside and soft inside?

That satisfying crunch! Oh, we love the sensation and all the flavors. Plus, the crunchy outside can help clean our teeth;  I love flashing my pearly whites now and then to Cranky, the dog next door, to remind him who’s boss on this block. And the soft insides? Mmm-mmm-meow. We crave that tasty filling. It all works so well together. TEMPTATIONS™ classic treats are irresistible.

Temptations Tasty Chicken treats package

Can I get TEMPTATIONS™ treats that aren’t crunchy?

Yes. Next question! Oh, wait — I get paid by the word. In treats. I just thought of more to say: Your cat will love the soft, savory flavor of TEMPTATIONS™ Meaty Bites treats for a chewy snack that’s just as delectable as the crunchy varieties. Plus, they’re loaded with tender meat or fish flavor to cater to your carnivorous side. And let’s not forget TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Purrrr-ée lickable treats — these versatile, velvety smooth delights will have any cat licking their chops. (Cha-ching!)

Are TEMPTATIONS™ treats good for my cat?

I’m not going to pretend I wrote this: TEMPTATIONS™ treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance. Not sure what it means, but I’ve been told it makes sense to humans. I said it in exchange for stock in the company … nah, I’m just kidding! Cats have no use for such things — we have a “stalk” market, but it’s mostly houseflies and laser dots.

Do TEMPTATIONS™ treats have a lot of calories?

Nope. Two calories per piece — even the bigger TEMPTATIONS™ JUMBO Stuff treats! And I know two isn’t much because I learned way higher numbers back in kitten-garten. So, don’t hold out on your cat. I mean, don’t fill their food dish with treats or anything, but don’t worry about turning your best pal into a throw pillow, either.

“Shood kats even get treets? They don’t smile or fetch or nuthin’.”

Nice try, Cranky. Look, we know the rumors, so don’t pay attention to what dogs are saying about us — we cats are deeply emotive and affectionate.  We’re jazzed when you make time to play, we appreciate the litter pan cleanings and we miss you when you’re not home. Unlike dogs, though, you have to earn our love, and TEMPTATIONS™ treats will get you a long way —  those treats are so tasty!

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