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  • Where can I buy TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats?

    TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats can be found in mass grocery and pet specialty stores nationwide. You can also check the websites of these retailers to purchase our treats online.

  • If I have a question or want to learn more about your treats, how can I get in touch with someone?

    You can speak to a Mars Petcare US representative by calling 1-800-525-5273 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM CST Mon–Fri.

  • How many calories are in your treats and how often should I treat my cat?

    Our treats are about two calories each, and we recommend feeding up to 15 treats per 10 pounds of your cat's body weight. Like anything else, it's all about portion control and using your best judgment. We always suggest speaking with your cat's vet about any weight-related issues or concerns. For additional information, please call our customer care line at 1-800-525-5273.
  • Where should I store opened bags of TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats?

    We recommend storing any packages, opened or closed, in a cool, dry environment. Make sure to re-seal the bag after opening as this will help keep the treats fresh.
  • Can I feed my cat TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats instead of an actual meal?

    Most TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats are 100% complete and balanced, which means they provide all the right nutrients for your cat in the amounts he needs. Although most TEMPATIONS® products are complete and balanced, we always recommend feeding him a well-balanced meal in addition to his favorite treats. As a general rule, treats should compliment, not replace, an actual meal.
  • Can I feed your treats to my kitten?

    We recommend waiting until your kitten is a full year old before transitioning him to adult food or treats. We have the perfect treats to complement your kitten's main meal to help him grow big and strong! Check them out here.
  • What are the differences between TEMPTATIONS® Classics, TEMPTATIONS® Naturals, and TEMPTATIONS® Essentials?

    Our Classics are available in 8 great varieties and contain the traditional flavors your cat will love. Our Naturals come in 3 delicious flavors with natural ingredients and added vitamins, minerals and taurine. Our Essentials come in 4 great varieties, each addressing the different health and lifestyle needs of your cat.

  • My cat has an indoor lifestyle, dental problems, frequent hairballs, and/or sensitive skin. Which of your treats can address these issues?

    The TEMPTATIONS® Essentials Line has got you and your cat covered! From DENTABITES® Treats for Cats, Skin & Coat and Hairball Control, to indoor and kitten varieties, your feline friend won't be disappointed. Check out the entire Essentials line here.

  • Where can I find coupons for your treats?

    Be sure to check our Promotions page and your local Sunday paper for in-store offers. Also, if you haven't already, join our Facebook community by "liking" our page and sign up to be the first to receive exclusive news, offers and product updates.