cat standing on hind legs waiting for treat

7 Ways to Use “The Shake” to Train Your Cat

Want your cat to respond to your every desire? All it takes is a shake of the TEMPTATIONS™ treat bag. It’s true! Cats find “the shake” irresistible, and our delicious cat treats are (in our humble opinion) a superb way to reward your feline friend for a job well done. Use them to help train your cat to be a perfectly polite kitty.

Here's how to use 'the shake' to your advantage:

Tempt their tastebuds while you train

Sure, your cat will go crazy for the crunchy outside and soft, creamy inside of all our TEMPTATIONS™ treats. But flavor is the real star of the show. Whatever tantalizing flavor you choose — whether it’s tasty chickensavory salmon or tempting tuna, to name a few — one thing’s for certain …

All It Takes Is a Shake™ to get your cat to come running, ready to be your perfect little training partner.

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