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It’s finally here. Introducing TEMPTATIONS™ Adult Dry Cat Food: nutritionally complete and balanced kibble cat food mixed with crunchy-on-the-outside, creamy inside pockets that will send your cat into a frenzy at mealtime! 

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TENDER FILLS CAT TREATS, 2X the creamy filling*

Give your cat MORE of what they love with TEMPTATIONS™ Tender Fills™. These delicious treats have a crunchy exterior and visible creamy center that's made with real meat!

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Irresistible Inside and Out

Each TEMPTATIONS™ classic cat treat is a combination of delicious crunch and soft, flavored filling. These tasty cat treats are nutritionally complete and balanced and under two calories each so you can feel good about treating them anytime.

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Creamy Puree: Create More Cat Time

Treat your cat to these squeezable cat treats directly from the tube or as a special meal topper. TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree is made with real chicken, salmon or tuna and can be used as a tasty bribe to spend more time with you or as a reward.  See why cats go crazy for TEMPTATIONS.

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Now Kittens Can Love Our Cats Too

TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats are specially formulated with your growing kitten in mind. These kitty treats are nutritionally complete and balanced and made with DHA Omega-3 fatty acid help support healthy brain development. Start treating them early to help form a special bond with your kitten!

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