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A cat being pet and fed treats.

How Should You Use Cat Treats?

If you’re wondering whether you ought to buy your cat some treats, whether you’re using them correctly or just what they’re for in general, you’ve come to the right place. As the experts in irresistible things for cats, we can help you get the most out of those powerful pouches.


A cat hand and human hand forming a heart.


Anyone who’s owned a cat knows that food is the surest path to their heart. Pouring their daily meals into their bowl already grants you celebrity status, but bringing home a bag full of satisfyingly crunchy and soft TEMPTATIONS™ Cat Treats puts you on another level. Just shaking the bag tells you all you need to know. After just a few treats, that sound will bring them running faster than a squirrel to a bird feeder.

Fewer than half of cat owners give their cats treats regularly, which means they could be missing out on prime bonding opportunities. We recommend keeping a bag or two on hand at all times to reward your kitty’s best behavior. Most of our flavors have fewer than two calories per treat, so there’s really no such thing as treating your cat too well.


A cat's thought bubble of treats.


Yep, you read that right. Dogs get all the credit for learning new tricks, but training your cat is totally possible. In general, rewarding your cat’s behavior with treats and affection reinforces their most recent behavior. Whether you’re trying to get them to come in from outside or stay off a piece of furniture, consistent rewards can go a long way. Don’t forget, most of the time all it takes is a shake of the TEMPTATIONS™ Cat Treats package for your kitty to come running.

Here’s one more tip for training your cat:. Your feline buddy is great at remembering and responding to sound cues. By clicking your tongue or using another consistent sound right before you give your cat a treat, you can signal to your cat that you want their attention. Just like shaking the treat pack, owners use this trick to make their cats come to them on command.


A celebration treat

Treats are the absolute best for special occasions. Is it your cat’s birthday? Treat time! Want to make your cat feel more like a member of the family during the holidays? Treat time! Did you make it to the vet and back without anyone getting overly huffy? Treat time! Little celebrations like these are part of what makes owning a pet so enjoyable.


Variety of ingredients in a thought bubble.

Don’t tell your cat, but you don’t really need a reason to give them treats. It’s OK to look at those pointy ears or slow-blinking eyes and feel the need to show your affection. Plus, cats naturally love variety. That’s why TEMPTATIONS™ Cat Treats come in more than 15 different flavors. Give your cat a variety of treats to find out what they love the most. Your cat will thank you. Well … they’ll sit on you. That’s sort of like being thanked.

  • kitten licking its lips because it wants kitten treats

    Kitten Treating 101: Everything to Know about Treats for Kittens

    Congratulations on your new lil’ kitten! This is a time of adorable meows and razor-sharp claws. So wonderful.  

    You want to bond with your new kitten however you can, but how? It’s no secret that cats love treats. Every cat owner knows how irresistible TEMPTATIONS™ Treats are. But what about kittens? When can they get in on the fun? This is the definitive guide to kitten treats.

    orange and white kitten walking outside

    Can Kittens Eat Treats?

    Yes, they can! You can start feeding kitten treats to your kitty when they are about 8 weeks old or after they’ve fully transitioned to wet kitten food or dry kitten food from milk or formula. You should switch your kitty to adult treats around their first birthday.   

    Temptations kitten treats salmon and dairy and chicken and dairy flavor bags

    Do They Even Make Treats for Kittens?

    Yes, we do! From the makers of your favorite healthy cat treats (that’s us) comes TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats! We’ve made two irresistible flavors: TEMPTATIONS™ Chicken and Dairy Flavor Kitten Treats and TEMPTATIONS™ Salmon and Dairy Flavor Kitten Treats.

    Do They Make Healthy Kitten Treats?

    Yes again! TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats are under two calories each and 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for kittens. These healthy kitten treats are specially formulated with DHA to support healthy brain development, which makes them especially good treats for kittens. 

    kitten eating kitten treats out of owner's hand

    What's the Best Way to Feed My Kitten Treats?

    Another excellent question. You can use kitten treats for training purposes, as a whole meal, as a special meal topper or just as a fun way to bond with your tiny new ball of fur.

    How Many Treats Should I Feed My Kitten?

    For kittens ages 8 to 16 weeks (2-4 pounds of body weight), feed 7-9 TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats daily. If fed as a main meal, feed 1/3-1/2 cup daily in 3-4 meals per day. 
    For kittens ages 16 to 52 weeks (4-10 pounds of body weight), feed 10-12 treats daily. If fed as a main meal, feed 1/2-2/3 cup daily divided into 2-3 meals per day.  

    And always make sure your growing kitten has plenty of fresh drinking water! 

    Can Kitten Treats Affect Their Diet?

    Your kitten's health is the top priority. Everything in moderation, right? So make sure you’re paying attention to serving sizes and water availability as you’re treating your cat. A healthy kitten is a happy kitten, especially when they’re treated to TEMPTATIONS™. 


    kitten playing in the cat tree

    Any Fun Ideas on How to Use These Tasty Kitten Treats?

    Oh yeah — we’re so glad you asked. We’ve got a whole article on using cat treats for training, but here are some of our kitten-specific favorite ways to use our crunchy treats.  


    Kittenhood is when behaviors get solidified, so treats are a great way to encourage good habits. Try incentivizing your kitten’s use of the scratching post by holding a treat for them above it, keeping it just out of reach. This might save the sides of your couch later!  


    Place treats on all levels of your cat tree to watch them parkour around or play a little cat fetch by tossing treats across the floor. Don’t be surprised when they don’t actually return the treats, though. They’re just too … tempting. Get it? Because we’re … never mind. 


    OK, this one might not be as fun, but it’s practical: Get your kitten used to their crate by placing treats toward the back of it. Over time, you can work toward having the door shut and spending a few seconds/minutes at a time in their crate, which can make going to the V-E-T way easier. Trust us. 


    That’s it! That’s the full download on kitten treats. We’d love to see how you’re using TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats, so why not show us a pic or cute video over on Instagram? Use the hashtag #TEMPTATIONSShare and your pretty kitten may just end up on our account.