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cat licking own nose

6 Reasons Your Human Needs to Buy Lickable Cat Treats

I have three words for all my paw-some pals out there in cat country: TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree. Actually, let’s add three more to explain what that is: lickable cat treats. And here’s a bunch more words with all the reasons your human needs to get these delicious delights for you right meow!

Temptations Creamy Chicken Purrrree package

1. The Irresistibly Creamy, Soft Texture

All right, friends — you crave the crunch of all those classic TEMPTATIONS™ treats, so I know you’ll do cat-flips for the lickable goodness of TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree lickable cat treats. Your human just opens up a convenient, single-serve pouch to squeeze out the smooth, rich creaminess that I guarantee will be a tasty treat your tongue will treasure.

2. Delicious, Nutritious, Meaty Flavors (and Real Meat!)

My, oh my, you get to choose from the tantalizing tastes of chicken, salmon or tuna.  If I had to make a recommendation, I’d suggest as many as your human can carry! Each flavor is made with real meat and textured for a mess-free treat experience. I recommend you practice turning your “purr” into saying “purée” until your human catches on.

3. All the Ways to Enjoy This Creamy Treat

Can’t wait to eat your TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree lickable cat treats? Have your human open a pouch and let you lick to your heart’s content right from the source —  it’s a nice way to include your furless friend in a playful bonding moment.

Want to enjoy it on your own for a little me-ow time? Have your human squeeze the creamy treat into a bowl so you can lick at your leisure.

How about a third option? Tap your food dish with your paw —  if your human is one of the smarter ones, they’ll know to squeeze the velvety goodness onto your regular food, giving it a special topper for maximum mealtime fun.


4. Longer-lasting Experience vs. Traditional Treats

We’ve all seen dogs eat: They inhale food so fast it’s amazing they taste anything. We cats are sophisticated foodies and enjoy our edible delights to the fullest. So, while we do love our crunchy snacks, it can be even more enjoyable to slow down and savor a creamy treat that delivers robust, meaty flavor one lick at a time.

5. Boosts Hydration

Do you sometimes neglect your water dish? If you do, you’re not alone. Some of us just don’t seem to drink enough water. Don’t worry — nobody’s going to rat you out to the vet. (Except maybe your local rat.) The great news is that TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree isn’t just super-delicious; it’s also a great source of hydration! And I don’t think your human will argue the point — mine claims hydration is why they buy themselves all that ice cream.

6. Great Option for Cats with a Licking Habit

We’re cats. We lick to keep our glorious fur clean. Mothers lick their kittens to bond with them. When you lick your human, you’re telling them they’re more to you than just a meal-server and litter-scooper. Some of us expand our horizons, curiously licking bags, blankets, sinks and more. Look, this is a judgment-free zone. You are free to be your own cat. But might I suggest that every one of us, from casual to frequent licker, spend more tongue time on TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree? All you have to do is let your human know it’s worth more loving licks of their own.

  • kitten licking its lips because it wants kitten treats

    Kitten Treating 101: Everything to Know about Treats for Kittens

    Congratulations on your new lil’ kitten! This is a time of adorable meows and razor-sharp claws. So wonderful.  

    You want to bond with your new kitten however you can, but how? It’s no secret that cats love treats. Every cat owner knows how irresistible TEMPTATIONS™ Treats are. But what about kittens? When can they get in on the fun? This is the definitive guide to kitten treats.

    orange and white kitten walking outside

    Can Kittens Eat Treats?

    Yes, they can! You can start feeding kitten treats to your kitty when they are about 8 weeks old or after they’ve fully transitioned to wet kitten food or dry kitten food from milk or formula. You should switch your kitty to adult treats around their first birthday.   

    Temptations kitten treats salmon and dairy and chicken and dairy flavor bags

    Do They Even Make Treats for Kittens?

    Yes, we do! From the makers of your favorite healthy cat treats (that’s us) comes TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats! We’ve made two irresistible flavors: TEMPTATIONS™ Chicken and Dairy Flavor Kitten Treats and TEMPTATIONS™ Salmon and Dairy Flavor Kitten Treats.

    Do They Make Healthy Kitten Treats?

    Yes again! TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats are under two calories each and 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for kittens. These healthy kitten treats are specially formulated with DHA to support healthy brain development, which makes them especially good treats for kittens. 

    kitten eating kitten treats out of owner's hand

    What's the Best Way to Feed My Kitten Treats?

    Another excellent question. You can use kitten treats for training purposes, as a whole meal, as a special meal topper or just as a fun way to bond with your tiny new ball of fur.

    How Many Treats Should I Feed My Kitten?

    For kittens ages 8 to 16 weeks (2-4 pounds of body weight), feed 7-9 TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats daily. If fed as a main meal, feed 1/3-1/2 cup daily in 3-4 meals per day. 
    For kittens ages 16 to 52 weeks (4-10 pounds of body weight), feed 10-12 treats daily. If fed as a main meal, feed 1/2-2/3 cup daily divided into 2-3 meals per day.  

    And always make sure your growing kitten has plenty of fresh drinking water! 

    Can Kitten Treats Affect Their Diet?

    Your kitten's health is the top priority. Everything in moderation, right? So make sure you’re paying attention to serving sizes and water availability as you’re treating your cat. A healthy kitten is a happy kitten, especially when they’re treated to TEMPTATIONS™. 


    kitten playing in the cat tree

    Any Fun Ideas on How to Use These Tasty Kitten Treats?

    Oh yeah — we’re so glad you asked. We’ve got a whole article on using cat treats for training, but here are some of our kitten-specific favorite ways to use our crunchy treats.  


    Kittenhood is when behaviors get solidified, so treats are a great way to encourage good habits. Try incentivizing your kitten’s use of the scratching post by holding a treat for them above it, keeping it just out of reach. This might save the sides of your couch later!  


    Place treats on all levels of your cat tree to watch them parkour around or play a little cat fetch by tossing treats across the floor. Don’t be surprised when they don’t actually return the treats, though. They’re just too … tempting. Get it? Because we’re … never mind. 


    OK, this one might not be as fun, but it’s practical: Get your kitten used to their crate by placing treats toward the back of it. Over time, you can work toward having the door shut and spending a few seconds/minutes at a time in their crate, which can make going to the V-E-T way easier. Trust us. 


    That’s it! That’s the full download on kitten treats. We’d love to see how you’re using TEMPTATIONS™ Kitten Treats, so why not show us a pic or cute video over on Instagram? Use the hashtag #TEMPTATIONSShare and your pretty kitten may just end up on our account.