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Brit Prawat: The Crime-Solving Dynamo and Co-host of Crime Junkie Podcast

Meet Brit Prawat, the co-host of Crime Junkie, Apple Podcast's number-one show of 2022. With a background in private investigation, Brit's role as the inquisitive co-host makes her an essential part of the show's success, skillfully probing the case at hand and asking the questions that listeners find themselves yelling out in their cars. And now, she'll use her expertise to comb through this hairy case and catch a cat burglar.

Part 1-The Purrrfect Crime

Burglars broke into a TEMPTATIONSᵀᴹ Dry Cat Food delivery truck and took everything! Follow along as Brit Prawat dives into the first episode of this twisted "tail."

Part 2-Caught Red-pawed

Case closed! Listen now to the last episode of Catch a Cat Burglar to discover how the purrrpetrator was brought to justice.

The Suspects

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