What causes that hairball hack?

Sure, all cats get hairballs. Do you know why?

When your kitty grooms, he or she is swallowing some hair in the process. Because hair is not easy to digest, hairballs can develop. Cats then cough, cough, cough the hairballs up. Long-haired cats, such as Persians, tend to get more hairballs than short-haired cats.

Don't be alarmed if your loved one gets an occasional cat hairball. There are certain foods and cat treats with added fiber to help cats prone to hairballs. TEMPTATIONS™ Hairball Control cat treats, for example, include an active ingredient that helps prevent the build up of cat hairballs. TEMPTATIONS™ also offers a treat dedicated to the healthly digestion of indoor house cats.

Another way to improve cat health and decrease cat hairballs is to offer the occasional brushing. Trust us, your cat should love this. First, dampen your cat's hair and wipe down to remove much of the unwanted hair before the brushing even begins. Be sure to give your cat some oooh-so-delicious treats while grooming. Soon he or she will be enjoying the routine, and you'll be enjoying fewer cat hairballs.

Remember, coughing up hairballs is normal, but if your cat gets sick, constipated, experiences loss of appetite or has a dry coat on a regular basis, be sure to take him or her to the vet to check for more serious cat health problems.