A healthy tummy for your kitty

Anyone who has a cat knows that eating grass, plants and other sorts of greenery is a common cat behavior. Ever wonder why they're drawn to these foods instead of what you've prepared for them? No, your cat is not just defying you. In fact, there are some theories that this cat behavior is actually healthy for your crazy kitty.

Some believe grass helps your cat spit out icky hairballs. Others think the chlorophyll in greens will help keep your kitty's breath fresh.

You may want to try to stop your cat from eating grass, but this cat behavior may be hard to break because they are known for doing what they want, when they want. Cats are VERY independent!

Instead, avoid using weed killers or other poisons so your cat – or a neighbor's cat – doesn't get sick if either decides to eat the grass.

Cats who spend little or no time outdoors can get chlorophyll and other supplemental dietary fiber from treats, such as TEMPTATIONS™ Treats for Cats are approximately 2 calories per piece Indoor cat treats and from actual "cat grass" found in most pet stores and even some grocery stores.

So go ahead and give your cat a little greenery, and be ready for "thank you" meows, nuzzles and purrs – cat behavior that's easy to understand.