Tis the Season to Treat
Make them happier than ever. They know you love them, but sometimes they need that extra morsel.
Make them leap endlessly. 2012 was a leap year. In cat language, that means, "More Catnip Fever, please."
Prove… once you shake 'em, you can't shake 'em. So says our breakthrough T.V. spot this year.
Inspire stardom. Maybe their favorite flavor will spark an idea for the next popular kitten Internet sensation.
Spark curiosity. Curiosity isn’t just the Mars Rover. For cats, it’s flavor variety.
Make 'em feel Presidential.
Your cat's #1 choice is always TEMPTATIONS® Treats.
Create memories. Some cats go CRAZY during treat time. Savor the moment.
Show you what they're thinking. Cats communicate with endless cuddles and purrs.
Create an even better friendship. Treat 'em and they'll love you even more.
What’s your reason?
Submit your own and look for it on our Facebook page.
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    Can You Catch T-Cat?
    Follow him as he jumps from stocking to stocking, faster and faster! Click on him wherever he goes and up your score.

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